Case study: Insurance repairs in action – repairing an en-suite shower room

The best way to illustrate how we can help you with your insurance repairs is by showing you some of the work we’ve done. We spoke to a recent client, Janice, who called us in to help with her insurance claim and the associated repairs to her property, following a water leak in her hall cupboard and en-suite shower room.

Having noticed a damp, mouldy smell in their hall cupboard, which backs onto their en-suite shower room, Janice and her husband then spotted that some tiles in the en-suite had moved. Other tiles subsequently came loose and fell off a boxed-in area housing pipework that ran behind the sink and under the shower tray.

Following a recommendation on social media, Janice contacted The Claims Desk, an FCA regulated firm of insurance loss assessors, who immediately visited to look at the problem and advise on the claim process. Janice says that handing the situation over to experts to manage was the best decision they made. After making an initial assessment, The Claims Desk put Janice in touch with us at Sarrani.

Assessment of the situation

Not knowing how serious the problem might be, Janice requested that a member of our team be present at any meeting that took place with their insurance company, which we were happy to do.

We assessed the situation and found there was a bad leak coming from a pipe that had been left uncapped. The uncapped pipe resulted in a continual leak that had been ongoing for some time before it was noticed, causing extensive damp and water damage that spread from the en-suite shower room, through to the bedroom and hall cupboard.

Exceptional circumstances

Because of a medical incapacity, losing access to her shower for any extended length of time would have been very problematic for Janice. Although there was another bathroom in the property, it only had a bath as opposed to a walk-in shower, which wasn’t suitable for Janice to use.

During one of the meetings, the insurance company’s representative suggested that Janice and her husband should move out of their home while the problem was dealt with, to an alternative property with a walk-in shower. This would have been an additional burden to Janice, so our project manager suggested that instead, the existing bathroom could quickly and easily be converted into a shower room.

This would not only save Janice and her husband the inconvenience of moving into alternative accommodation while their en-suite was repaired, but it would also work out cheaper for the insurance company than the price of temporary accommodation and any associated removal costs.

Cost-effective solution

Janice and the insurance company agreed that this was the best solution for both parties, so our team prepared a scope of works for the repairs to the en-suite and the alterations to the bathroom, and promptly organised the various trades required to complete the work.

They began promptly by stripping out the damaged areas in the en-suite, while still ensuring it was left in a usable state, and bringing in dehumidifiers to dry out the concrete floors.

Janice says, “Sarrani’s choice of builders and workmen was fantastic and I found them to be efficient and helpful throughout this project. At the same time, they worked tirelessly to convert the remaining bathroom into a shower room, so we could remain in our home.”

Once the bathroom had been converted into a shower room, the concrete floor in the en-suite had dried out so the dehumidifiers could be removed and the repairs in that area could then be completed. This workflow ensured that Janice had access to a usable, walk-in shower at all times.

Informative and efficient

 The water damage to Janice’s property was extensive, meaning that as the work progressed, more problems were uncovered. This resulted in variations to the original scope of works being required, and it also meant that Janice and her husband found their contents had been damaged so they had to deal with a contents insurance claim.

We spoke regularly with the loss assessor and our tradesmen to ensure that any problems or issues were solved as quickly as possible. Having The Claims Desk and Sarrani working on their behalf to manage their building claim and repairs meant that Janice and her husband were able to concentrate their efforts on the additional contents claim.

Janice was really impressed with our workers, saying that she found them to be a very professional team who provided a great service. She also commented on how well we kept in contact throughout the whole episode, ensuring that all matters were dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Strongly praised

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Sarrani to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate position of having a claim involving insurance companies… I now have my lovely home back and we are so very, very pleased that we were fortunate enough to be introduced to the experts at Sarrani.”

Expertise and reassurance

As Janice recognised, dealing with situations like this is our area of expertise. It can be extremely distressing and time-consuming for property owners who have suffered damage such as flooding, water leaks or fire to manage the day-to-day situation and at the same time try and deal with insurance companies who can be difficult to contact and slow to respond.

Why not hand your insurance claim over to us? We have expert knowledge, extensive experience and all the contacts required to manage the entire process of dealing with your insurance company and building repairs on your behalf, while you recover from the incident and focus on continuing with everyday life.

If you need Sarrani’s help with any insurance repairs at your property, email us at or call us on 020 3006 3126.