Our fast response and expertise in property insurance repairs ensures any residential or commercial property can be reinstated as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

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Benefits of working with us for property owners

We are not simply a building firm. Our service is designed to protect your interests by ensuring your building project is carried out to the high quality you expect at a reasonable price.

We will scope your project, provide a detailed quote based on sourcing materials and labour at competitive rates from our panel of approved contractors, and oversee the associated work from start to finish.

One of our dedicated project managers will be appointed to coordinate all aspects of your project, keep you updated on progress and address any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

We will provide a comprehensive schedule of the approved building work so you know exactly what has been agreed and there can be no confusion by any of the parties involved.

All the contractors on our panel are fully vetted to confirm they have the required experience, skills and insurance for the work they undertake. We also perform regular quality checks on each of our suppliers to confirm that they are maintaining the standards we demand.

Should you be unhappy with the work or service you receive from any of our contractors while they are working on your project, we will step in to make sure the contractor rectifies the issues or we can appoint a new contractor to take over if necessary.

All the work carried out under our supervision comes with a 1-year guarantee.

Benefits of working with us for insurers and adjusters

We are able to handle all aspects of building reinstatement works, from leak detection, drying and cleaning to underpinning and redecoration, meaning that your policyholders can be provided with one main point of contact for all their building repairs.

Our experienced surveyors are trained to accurately scope the works required to reinstate a property to the appropriate standard under the terms of the applicable insurance policy. This helps to avoid unexpected costs arising through variations submitted once work begins.

Using our knowledge of costings and comparing against market prices published by RICS, we aim to keep our quotes competitive and realistic. We understand the importance of keeping prices at a reasonable level to protect insurers' funds and policyholders' premiums. By working with a small pool of regular suppliers, we are able to negotiate discounts that allow us to complete projects for sensible prices without cutting corners.

Our rigorous contractor vetting process and ongoing quality checks ensure high standards are maintained throughout the building process at all times, eliminating the possibility of costly and time consuming liability issues.

A dedicated case manager is assigned to each project to keep all parties up to date as works progress, coordinate contractors and remain available throughout the project for the policyholder to contact if they have any questions or concerns. We aim to respond to all queries within 2 hours, minimising the need for policyholders to contact their loss adjuster about issues that we can resolve ourselves.

All the work carried out under our supervision comes with a 1-year guarantee.


Benefits of working with us for contractors

Contractors who are approved for our panel can enjoy a regular flow of work, meaning reduced marketing costs and unproductive downtime.

We provide a clear specification of works for each job to all parties, avoiding any confusion about what should and shouldn't be included.

Our simple quoting system means our contractors often find they have enough information to agree costs without even needing to visit the site beforehand, saving an enormous amount of time and incovenience.

We are the client’s primary point of contact meaning reduced interruptions to our contractors and less stress dealing with regular queries. We manage the client’s expectations and deal with the majority of both written and verbal communications to the customer so our contractors can be left to focus on getting the job done.

Our case managers help contractors keep track of start dates, provide reminders about outstanding tasks and process any requests for variations.

All payments are guaranteed within 30 days once works have been signed off, saving the headache of chasing clients for outstanding money owed.