What happens when you call us?

If your property has suffered damage and you need to claim on your insurance, Sarrani’s team of experts is on hand to plan, coordinate and manage all the resources required to reinstate it to the high quality you expect with the least possible stress. In this blog, we talk you through what to expect when you contact us.

Whether your house or building premises has been damaged by an internal water leak, external flooding, fire, storm, subsidence or other insured peril, Sarrani are here to help.

When faced with an insurance claim, choosing the right builder to carry out the repairs can feel like an impossible task at a very stressful time. Sadly, neither the building trade nor the insurance sector always has the best reputation, which can make that job even more difficult.

Will I have a long wait?

We won’t lie; ensuring that your property is returned to a warm, welcoming and habitable home or office can be a lengthy process. Don’t expect it to happen overnight. However, rest assured that at Sarrani we understand the process and know what steps to take so that we can make sure your property is repaired as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Our aim is to make property insurance repairs as painless as possible. Once we have spoken to you and understood exactly what has happened to your property, we will manage the entire repair process for you.

Is it expensive?

No, we are paid directly by your insurers – our services come at no additional cost to you. Further details are in our full Terms of Engagement, available on request.

Assessing the damage

When you first contact us with your enquiry, we will begin by asking you a few questions to establish what has happened and the extent of the damage. If you can’t speak to us straight away, leave a message and we will endeavour to return your call within two hours.

One you have formally instructed us, one of our recommended surveyors will visit your property to assess your requirements and draw up a comprehensive specification of repair works for you and your insurance company to review and approve.

We will promptly provide any additional information requested by your insurance company to verify the scope of work and costs, and we will meet their representatives at your property if necessary.

Quality, vetted tradesmen you can trust

We will identify all the necessary skills and trades required for your project, source materials and labour from the most suitable contractors on our panel of fully vetted suppliers and, once we are instructed to proceed by you and your insurance company, we will organise the work flow.

We only work with tradesmen and contractors who meet our strict minimum criteria, such as possessing relevant qualifications and adequate insurance cover, and we continually monitor the quality of their work to ensure standards are maintained.

We will oversee the project to ensure all work is carried out in accordance with the agreed schedule and relevant legislation. This includes carrying out site visits when necessary, providing you with regular updates and remaining your primary point of contact throughout.

We are on your side

  • We will negotiate with your insurance company and liaise with each contractor on your behalf.

  • If you are a landlord, we can liaise with your letting agent and tenants directly to arrange access and organise the work, avoiding the need for you to be stuck in the middle.

  • We don’t like to leave our customers waiting for an answer and aim to respond to your queries quickly, within two working hours.

  • We are paid directly by your insurer so there are no additional costs to you.

We care

Our service is designed to protect your interests when your home or business premises are undergoing insurance repairs or refurbishment. Our knowledge, skills and expertise combined with our genuine passion for property and client satisfaction means you can feel confident that your property is in good hands.

We understand how to navigate property insurance claims and can help you should you need to make a claim. For more information on how we can help, email us at info@sarrani.com or call us on 020 3006 3126.