What is a loss assessor – and why do I need to know?

Did you know that you can appoint a loss assessor when you need to make an insurance claim, to help you get everything you’re entitled to? At Sarrani, we regularly work alongside loss assessors, who work on behalf of our clients to ensure a fair settlement in the event of an insurance claim. Here we explain the difference between loss assessors and loss adjusters.

Aren’t loss adjusters and loss assessors the same thing?

The terms Loss Adjuster and Loss Assessor sound very similar but they are, in fact, quite different. One is appointed by your insurance company and the other is appointed by you to ensure you get everything you’re entitled to.

If you ever suffer water, flood, fire or storm damage to your property and need to claim on your insurance for the repairs, you’ll encounter a loss adjuster who is sent by your insurance company to assess the damage.

A loss adjuster is a claims expert appointed by and on behalf of your insurance company when you make a claim over a certain amount. Each insurance company has its own in-house claims team but they usually only deal with small claims, typically up to a value of £1500 or thereabouts. Over and above their in-house claims limit, your insurer will outsource the claim handling to a loss adjuster, who will inspect the damage, decide whether the claim is valid and determine how it’s going to be settled.

Is a loss adjuster independent?

In theory, loss adjusters are supposed to be independent and impartial and deal with your claim fairly. However, remember that they work for your insurance company, who pays their fees and audits them. The loss adjuster will prepare a detailed written report about you and your claim, making recommendations to your insurer on how the claim should be dealt with. You are not allowed to see this report.

So, it is questionable as to how impartial loss adjusters really are and if you think they’re trying to save your insurance company from having to pay out, you’re probably right.

What is a loss assessor?

A loss assessor is also a claims expert who exclusively represents you, the claimant. Whereas there can be ambiguity on the impartiality of a loss adjuster, there isn't any doubt with a loss assessor. Their role is to argue that there is liability and to ensure that you get everything you’re entitled to under your policy.

A loss assessor has to be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and they will work on your behalf, to make sure you are properly and professionally represented when making your claim.

Why should I appoint a loss assessor?

Because a loss assessor works for you, not your insurance company, they have your interests in mind and do all they can to ensure you get what you’re entitled to. Your insurance company is, invariably, a multi-million pound business and will put its own interests – and profit – first. A loss assessor understands the industry and how to navigate it, and will put your interests first.

 When should I approach a loss assessor?

Contact them at the very start – so many people get tripped up by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time, which can scupper your chances of a decent claim.

If you appoint a loss assessor to handle your insurance claim, Sarrani will work alongside them to ensure your claim is accepted and progressed as speedily as possible. We will bring in any contractors needed for emergency works – such as leak detection, drying out and/or decontamination – and prepare any reports that may be required, in addition to drawing up a detailed scope of the necessary reinstatement work.

Because all of Sarrani’s contractors are vetted, approved and work to a schedule of rates, we are able to present detailed, backed-up figures to your insurance company. This smoothes out the process for you and your insurer – you don’t need to start finding your own quotes or wait for paperwork from other contractors. If we are appointed at the start of a claim and provide a comprehensive costed scope, most of the time your insurer won't ask for a second quote.

At Sarrani, we understand how to navigate your property insurance claim and can help you should you need to make a claim. For more information on how we can help, email us at info@sarrani.com or call us on 020 3006 3126.